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S&D Consultancy
What you’ll exactly get with is simply incomparable as our strategies and approaches are truly advanced and evolved
in terms of practical ways in formulating and presenting with the best results in any context whatsoever.

Our Certification Services

If you’d just take a look down below, you’ll witness the sheer range of our offerings that covers many grounds. Anything that you could possibly need to improve you business concerns is present in the best way you want it.

ISO Certification Services
CE Certification Services
GMP Certification Services

Our Goal

Overall, speaking in terms of all the different positions and factors that seem to conflate and associate with the concerns that apply to S&D Consultancy, there are some obvious goals that are wide ranging and encompassing in terms of all implications. These essentially involve and associate with companies achieving the standards, which shall have a roundabout effect upon all concerns that are legitimately associated with varying stakeholder bases and their overall associations. This is achieved with the recognition that certification offerings are actually unquestionable by normative conditions and scenarios. .

To that end, we have completed projects in very large numbers, as well as in associations with specific business operations at large. These are all significantly related with consulting, assistance and all necessary guidance in a personalized and truly effective way. The results that are achieved tend to be as legitimate as they come, and there are several examples of advantageous results permeating in all contexts applicable to these exceptional scenarios.

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Our Registration Services

If you’re in a legitimate need for addressing all the different circumstances of registration, we can provide you with exceptional details and helpful guidance. It’s guaranteed that what you’ll experience is nothing but the absolute best of all things that you want to be satisfied. .

ESI PF Registration
IEC Code Registration
LLP Registration
OPC Registration
FASSI Registration
Private Limited Company
MSME Registration

Get In Touch

If you really want S&D Consultancy to look over your matters of concern, just feel free to contact us with the help of the following information given below. As you can see, our current address, official email for contact, as well as reception phone numbers have been given. .

15/1, Green Park,Netai Nagar, Mukandapur, Kolkata -700099